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POODLE, The Latest SSL Vulnerability

Recently, a vulnerability in the design of SSLv3 was discoverd by Google team. POODLE or "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption" allows a man-in-the-middle attacker to trigger the downgrade to SSLv3, decrypting the HTTP secure connection and extracting important information.

The issue was disclosed on Tuesday October 14th 2014. The admins team has taken immediate action and SSLv3 was disabled on all the servers under SpirulaSystems management.


Spirula's presentation in CloudWeekend 2013 in Cairo, Egypt

Spirula Systems' presentation at SFD Alexandria 2012


Spirula Systems announces a job vacancy for technical sales representative.


- Good background of IT operations.
- Computer Science college degree or something relevant.
- Well understanding of FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) concepts.
- Fluent with using linux as a desktop.
- Highly preferable Alexandria resident.
- Have no issues in traveling on short work trips inside or outside Egypt.
- Preferably 1-2 years of sales on site experience.

Spirula in Coded in Country

As Spirula Systems is always willing for outreach for potential customers who can benifit from its -almost- unique services, a new outreach to Africa, our beloved continent, has been made.

Coded in Country (CiC) is a software implementation approach where the technical needs of a project are met by African software developers who are involved in the design, development, and deployment of the solutions through highlighting local resources, discussing broader CiC initiatives, analyzing individual CiC projects, and bringing together private companies, NGOs and research institutions that are pursing the CiC approach.

Spirula volunteers for helping the Egyptian government



As Spirula Systems had a role in supporting some political opposition websites before the Egyptian revolution, we didn't hesitate to support the new Egyptian government when it was needed. Spirula Systems helped by securing and managing the server of the latest Egyptian referendum website. This was done because we believed that Egypt has reached the point where people and government should cooperate together to create a better future for our beloved country.

Egypt, Spirula, and the Electronic War

Spread your wings


Since Spirula Systems started, it wasn't very clear to others what we have been doing. Now we can disclose a part of our activities that kept behind closed doors for a long period.

Spirula Systems partner with ArabCrunch

It's our pleasure to announce our partnership with ArabCrunch, the well-known arabic technical blog.


Since 2008, ArabCrunch has been giving the Arab region a source for the latest technological news of the region and has also been lending a hand to geek startups and professionals. What ArabCrunch has been doing, it has been doing with dedication and with an effort that has been deeply set in the company's desire to allow the Arab region reach its utmost potential as an incubator and provider of technology, rather than being just a user of technologies.

What ArabCrunch provides is a service, and as any other service that reaches its customers, it is important to all the involved parties that the service is always available to those who need it, and that the service is always in the best shape possible. Recent events particularly have highlighted this, especially since ArabCrunch was under a DDoS attack earlier this year. 

Spirula Systems defends DDoS attack on ArabCrunch

For 4 days, ArabCrunch was under attack. The attack was a normal http DDoS attack but the amount was high so their VPS couldn't handle and the hosting company got their VPS down. Till they contacted us.

Spirula sponsors EGLUG's Cairo installfest for 2010

As we embrace free software principles, and from our commitment to support FOSS communities, Spirula Systems was one of the three sponsors for EGLUG's installfest that took place Saturday, third of April 2010. That was the sixth installfest happens in Cairo since eglug was formed.

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